The Way To Deliver

Today, Pharma Express is an expanding and growing company specializing in specialty courier delivery services serving various industries including medical, pharmaceutical, electronics and many more. Back in 2005, the company started from a very humble beginning, with only a delivery vehicle serving the customers diligently. The company has been blessed with good business growth ever since then. Now with a strong and robust team of operational staff, delivery specialist and various types of service vehicles, Pharma Express is poised to go further and beyond in this industry.

A key to our success with customers is The Way we deliver and pioneering the simple, effective and unique service experience focusing on the customers’ distinctive requirements. With the demands of some of the most stringent delivery and handling requirements, single-source accountability, attention to detail, and uncompromised service reliability, Pharma Express is ready to provide the purpose-designed solutions that meet the highest performance tolerances.


Our Mission & Mission

Being a customer-driven company, Pharma Express is only successful when the customers are. We envision to be the industry leader and premier provider of express logistics services.

The company want to create value by delivering high quality and superior services and strong financial results through the power of our customers and people.

More than just delivering highest quality of services, we wanted to be admired and recognized by our customers, employees and business partners for the experience and value they enjoy for being with us.

We believe that it is by God’s grace and provision that Pharma Express has endured. We want to make sure that all we do in and through the business honors and centers around Him. We give due credit to our colleagues, and God the glory of our successes. We honor God when we give our best effort to serve our valued customers. We operate with honesty, knowing that ultimately God is in control of the results.

The LORD is my Rock, my Fortress and my Deliverer (Psalm 18:2a)

We always place the customers as our first priority, conducting day-to-day work from the viewpoint of them. The Company are passionate in anticipating and providing the best services and experiences that excite our customers. Each individual in the Company recognizes that their behavior must reflect their responsibility and role in representing the Company through their interactions with customers and partners. “Problem free” are the words often promised by others, but not often delivered, but at Pharma Express that’s precisely what we provide. We want to anticipate their needs and provide a great experience that fulfils even the unexpressed needs of the customers.

People is the greatest assets and driving force of the company. The company grows when our people grow. We respect all roles within the organization, recognizing that each contributes to the success and growth of our business. The Company nurture the culture of respect, communicate, collaborate and celebrate success. We inspire and empower our people to be the most knowledgeable and best trained in the industry. Our people work together as a team to achieve extraordinary results beyond our individual capabilities. We are building capability and leadership among our people and attracting some of the best talent in the market place.

There is always no end to our pursuit of service excellence. With passion and reach for excellence, we continuously improve and innovate our services, brands and business processes in order to stay one step ahead of changes in customers’ needs and the business environment. We challenge conventional thinking, maximize our individual capabilities and pursue high-performance targets, and with innovative thinking we deliver best solutions focus on the customers’ business needs.

Integrity is the heart of everything we do. We will conduct ourselves in an ethical manner and act as a good corporate citizen in all communities in which the Company operates. We behave lawfully and ethically, and earn the respect and trust of all through sound and honest business activities. We take and accept responsibilities for our decisions and actions. The Company has taken it upon ourselves to define our policy for handling personal and client information. We build and earn lasting relationships with our people, customers and working partners through our principles of honesty, trust, fairness and keeping to promises. These guiding principles defines us.

We are the best in our business. The Company set new standards, embracing change and create sustainable value and strategy for the company by our passion for safety, innovation, continual improvement and excellence in every aspect of our business. Pharma Express strive to be successful by having a good forward-looking “radar” for recognizing growth opportunities and know how to match those opportunities to our experience, reach, and competencies to increase corporate value and benefit through constant growth and profit generation. Sustainable, profitable growth can only be achieved with the right people working in the organization that is fit to win, and we are set to win it.