We at Pharma Express are experts in providing unique logistics solutions for critical, sensitive pharmaceutical, medical and life science products. Providing life-saving products is a big responsibility and product integrity cannot be compromised. An such, it’s about having no errors in shipments, low product damage, on-time orders, high productivity, excellent alignment with customer requirements, and full regulatory compliance.

Pharma Express is a market leader in the provision of integrated value-based logistics and contract-backed logistics solutions that bring greater operating efficiency and savings to our customers’ supply chains.Working with a broad range of customers, coupled with our expertise, experience, network support and technological backing, we’re well placed to provide integrated and comprehensive logistics solutions tailored specifically to the needs of the specific sectors. Talk to us about what we are doing with our customers’ sectors and what we can be of service to you.


Contract Services


More companies nowadays are outsourcing their delivery functions to concentrate on their core businesses. Operating and managing their own group of delivery staff and vehicles may not be in their best options and interests. Other than benefiting from lower operational costs, these companies often leverage on the industrial experience and knowledge of their partners to compete more aggressively.

We know how to move product island-wide. Our size and experience in the field allow us to design a solution that leverages multiple modes of transport, and our expertise to work in securing and managing the best possible combination of service providers. Our contract service are meant to provide the much required customized logistics & manpower solutions for our customers’ daily operations and business requirements. Our customers, from small enterprises to large multi-national corporations have engaged us to provide these essential contract services which are designed for them to take their logistics outsourcing to an advanced level. Discuss with us about your requirement, and we will work with you to optimize the value proposition for your industry’s distinctive requirements.

Pharma Express has developed a comprehensive reporting solution tailored specifically to customers’ need. Operations & Transactions Management System (OTMS) is designed to simplify complex transport models and supply chain logistics with a focus on cost reduction, network efficiencies and an overall service delivery improvement. OTMS provides details of all transportation information throughout the contracted period, with full search and filtering functions for customers’ specific use.

OTMS is scalable and can be used by large and small organizations providing options for different type of customised contract services. It gives a broad overviews of customers’ logistics in perspective, allowing proper and accurate management and planning for their business.

Find out how OTMS can help your business to improve supply chain efficiencies. Allow us to discuss your requirements and find out where we can help.

A single operational and administrative interface for managing a customer’s entire range of transport service requirements.

Optimisation of vehicles capacity, reduce waste and create efficiency and consolidation.

Data capture and report generation.

Visibility of all businesses involved in the logistics solution, broken down to cost centre if required.

Creates efficiency, saves time and cost.

Drives efficiency and savings.

Allows for more accurate decision making based on report results.

Allows for a more accurate, collaborative and functional supply chain design.